Manchester Airport’s new £12m 3D scanners take security into a new dimension

Manchester Airport is spending £12m on new baggage scanners – to improve security.

Bosses have splashed the cash on high-speed X-ray machines which will be installed in all three terminals.

The devices – which allow staff to examine passengers’ bags using three-dimensional images – are being introduced after a successful trial at the airport in 2009.They are designed by Rapiscan Systems – the makers of the controversial ‘naked’ body scanner which is already used at Manchester.Andrew Harrison, the airport’s managing director, said: “Our order for the technology is the latest innovative development in our approach to aviation security both in terms of improving customer service and managing potential threats.

“We have worked closely with Rapiscan on the development of the scanner, including its trial at Manchester Airport in 2009.

“With its revolutionary design and unprecedented performance, Rapiscan’s scanner will help us to maintain our reputation as one of Europe’s most passenger friendly airports.

“The machine is designed to generate high-quality images of luggage at faster speeds and greater reliability than other technology on the market.Airport chiefs say it will increase their chances of detecting any weapons or terrorism threats.

The machines are quicker and can process more bags in the same period of time so will help to cut queues. They are also more reliable, reducing maintenance costs.Rapiscan Systems’ president Ajay Mehra said:

“We appreciate that Manchester Airports Group has selected the scanner and look forward to supporting their continued initiatives to improve airport security and efficiency with dramatically lower overall infrastructure costs.

“The machines will be introduced from next spring, with all existing scanners expected to be replaced by autumn 2012. They will be manufactured at Rapiscan’s factory in Congleton.



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