Friends Montessori now has opened nursery in Guildford


// United Kingdom. July 28, 2011. Friends Montessori has now opened up the kids nursery and pre school in Guildford.

Nurseries and pre schools are the base of any kids growth. A good pre school is really essential for any kids to start up with the academics. It’s the Nursery Guildford where the kids are taught every thing related to their base and their learning abilities are developed. Here at Friends Montessori we take care of the basics and assure that the kids are able to learn well. Our highly experienced and able staff takes care of each and every necessity of the kids.

The time that the kids spend in the pre school Guildford is the most precious one of their life and we intend to make the maximum of it. We have got all the facilities that they require and will help them learn and grow in a healthy environment.

If you have a growing kid who has reached the age of school you can simply contact us or call us at 01483 202 715 to know more or log on to our website

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