Information about Nurseries

23rd August

  • Nurseries are for children under five years old to learn, play and have fun in groups while their parents work or study or are busy elsewhere.
  • Most Nurseries are registered with their local authority and inspected each year. They are usually open all day for most weeks in the year
  • Nurseries are run by a team of staff and activities should be planned to help children enjoy learning
  • At Nursery children can enjoy making friends, playing outside, sharing meals and trying out new skills.
  • Plus points for Nurseries
    • Opportunities for children to learn and play with friends
    • Usually geared to the needs of children with working parents
    • Some Nurseries offer free, part-time early education places for children aged three and four.


What are the different types of Nursery?

  • Private Nursery – geared for working parents and the type you are most likely to find in your area
  • Local authority Nursery – run by the local authority for children in the local community
  • Community Nursery – a non-profit Nursery run for children in the local community
  •  Workplace Nursery – some employers run childcare schemes for children of their employees


How many children will there be in a Nursery?

  • Most Nurseries provide places for between 26 and 40 children although some are smaller and others larger.
  • Children are usually divided into much smaller groups based on their age.


What age range are the children in a Nursery?

  • Nurseries are for children aged up to five.
  • Some nurseries have places for babies and toddlers as well as for children aged three to five.
  • some Nurseries are part of childcare schemes, which also provide childcare for older children.


When are Nurseries open?

  • Most nurseries open at around 8.30am and close at around 6pm
  •  Some offer different hours for the children of people working shifts
  • Most nurseries are open all year round except for public holidays.


How much does a Nursery cost?

  • Nursery charges vary in different areas
  •  Expect to pay between £80 and £180 per child per week.


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