Fashion fixer of the future

GOLDEN Square had its own version of fashion guru Gok Wan at the shopping centre last week.

The style simulator machine measured more than 300 shoppers’ vital statistics while style experts were on hand to advise people how to dress their shape in the latest trends.

Jane Bamber, from the Fashion Project, said: “People are so eager to get it done and it’s been really busy in Warrington.

“I think it’s really handy to have measurements of things like your inside or outside leg for jeans or trousers and people are fascinated by their weight or body shape.”

Hailed as the ‘future of fashion’, the 3D body scanner required shoppers to strip down to their underwear before their curves and measurements were recorded and converted into their perfect size in  the town centre’s stores, whether they are apple, rectangle or triangle-shaped.

Jane added: “A lot of people look a bit embarrassed at first and keep their print-outs close to their chests but most people are really happy and grateful.

“We had a woman in who had lost 26 stone with a gastric band so she was intrigued to find out her new measurements but we have had a couple of people who have been buying a 10 and finding out they  were a 12 in a couple of shops who were less happy!”

The body scan stylists picked out the leather look, fake fur and Barbour jackets as popular with Warrington shoppers as a variety of ages tried out the machine.

Cath Green, aged 40, from Appleton, said she will be giving the stylist’s tips a go after using the machine.

She added: “It felt a bit weird but the results are really useful.

“The measurements are bigger than I thought but I’ve had tips like using more accessories which will draw eyes away from my hips and I’ve been shown the best way to wear scarves.”

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