Parenting Classes: the Government Must Tread Carefully

18th Oct

The government are giving 50,000 parenting classes to parents with kids aged 5 and user to learn how to parent. It is not a representation of social class and income it is just a class for parents to find a way to make a better life for both parent and child.


Parenting Classes: the Government Must Tread Carefully


  • Your childhood has a powerful impact on the rest of your life.
  • Every teacher, psychologist and educationalist will tell you that the first years of a child’s life are important. Some say the first two years of life are decisive.
  • This does not mean that every child must be schooled, drilled and disciplined to make them model citizens at this young age. No, it means that in their first years children must be loved.
  • Now, the government proposes giving 50,000 parents with kids aged five and under lessons in parenting – a trial that could extend.


Tips were: play with them on the floor; read to them, talk to them, act positively towards them, and give them a nutritious diet.


  • These are all splendid suggestions and if we are honest, we are probably all failing in one or other of these areas as parents.
  •  50,000 lessons could be a first step to in educating mums and dads in how to parent.
  •  Ideas for better parenting are probably a good idea, but parents tend to be as protective of their style of parenting as they are of their kids.
  • Notions of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ parenting are not limited to social class or income.
  • In September, UNICEF pointed out that parents in the UK are caught in the endless cycle of work and squeezed time, often buying frivolous gifts for their kids out of a sense of guilt.
  • What young kids really want is to spend time with their parents. The more time – quality time – spent the better which makes life that bit better for both parent and child – a virtuous circle that should be encouraged.
  • These classes could well have an impact, and work well for some.

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