Stem cell research in chaos as scientist loses patent battle over extracting cells from human embryos

18th Oct

How the changing views of the environment have changed. From the expansive research which has gone into stem cell to help harper many horrendous diseases, help blindness, snapped spinal cords etc. From now on a court has passed a bill from Greenpeace that officially stops scientist from extracting cells from human embryos. Therefore destroying a lot of the research scientist have already conducted, can prevent many diseases being cured or controlled in later years and has but a setback on a lot of medicine. From this argument I actually think Green peace is in the wrong, due to the good that stem cell research can produce.

Stem cell research in chaos as scientist loses patent battle over extracting cells from human embryos


  • European court says commercial use of cells endangers ‘respect for human dignity’
  • Ruling critical for development of treatments for Parkinsons, diabetes and heart disease
  • Scientist warns that European research will no longer be financially viable
  • Medical research has been thrown into turmoil after a court ruled that a procedure for extracting stem cells from human embryos cannot be patented.
  • But the scientist who pioneered a method of growing new nerve cells said the ruling was ‘an unbelievable setback’ for stem cell research.


Dr Brüstle said after the verdict: ‘It means that fundamental research can take place in Europe, but that developments that follow from that cannot be implemented in Europe.’


  • The court said its ruling reflected European law, which protects human embryos.
  • The use of embryonic stem cells has long been subject to fierce controversy.
  •  Christoph Then, a Greenpeace official, said: ‘We wanted a fundamental decision on how the protection of human embryos is to be laid out under EU patenting law. The court has said that ethics take priority over commercial interests.’
  • Early trials are now under way using embryonic stem cells to repair spinal cord injuries and correct certain forms of blindness.
  • Stem cells also have potential in treating other conditions including stroke damage, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease and diabetes.
  • Dr Brüstle said that research is being carried out in Britain and Sweden as well as Germany.
  • He claimed that the judgment would undermine such research because it would make patents uncertain.

Many years of intensive research are being destroyed,’ he said. ‘It’s an unbelievable setback for biomedical stem cell research.’

Lab: But research could now become concentrated in the U.S. and Asia

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