Still angry at your parents? Maybe it’s something genetic

18th Oct

More about the fact that the personally of a child is not all to do with how they are bought up but it is also to do with a certain gene called HTTLPR


Still angry at your parents? Maybe it’s something genetic


  • WASHINGTON — Why do some children of mean or neglectful become rotten human beings, while their siblings thrive? And why do certain offspring of loving, attentive parents grow into well-adjusted adulthood while their siblings become misanthropes? In short, why does good parenting only sometimes produce good kids, and bad parenting only sometimes produce bad kids?
  • A gene called 5-HTTLPR, which governs the activity of the mood chemical serotonin in the brain. About 1 in 5 children are born with a variant that, according to past studies, makes them highly sensitive to the effects of neglectful or abusive parents.
  •  Tested 1,874 children between the ages of 8 and 16 to determine which variation of the 5-HTTLPR allele they had, what their overall mood state was, and what quality of parenting they had.
  • The researchers found that, when blessed with especially warm and supportive parents, the kids with the same 5-HTTLPR variation that predisposed them to be sensitive to poor parenting were disproportionately likely to be very happy and well-adjusted.
  • In other words, most kids are equipped with genes that make them somewhat impervious to the quality of the parenting they get. But roughly 1 in 5 kids are far more captive — for better or worse — to the quality of parenting they get.

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