Today’s Parents Are Part of “Generation Squeezed”

Canadian parents are raising families with less money and time than the Baby Boomer generation.

A new study released at the University of Saskatchewan calls it the “Generation Squeeze” where parents are squeezed for time at home, squeezed for income because of the high cost of housing, and squeezed for services like child care.

Dr. Paul Kershaw is a family policy expert from the University of British Columbia, and author of the study.

He says it’s different than it used to be because household incomes are the same now as they were a generation ago when adjusting for inflation, but now it takes two incomes to make that wage.

Kershaw cites a Unicef study which shows Canada is among the worst industrialized countries when it comes to adapting to the declining standard of living for young families.

He adds that most Canadians don’t believe that Canada ranks so poorly, and as long as we continue to hide our eyes, no changes will be made.

He proposes Canada needs a new policy to restore the standard of living for the generation raising kids, which includes increasing parental leave for new moms and dads, providing child care services that cost no more than 10 dollars per day, and allowing employees and employers to use flex-time to better balance work and home time.

This would cost the province about 500-million dollars annually, and federally, about 22-billion.

Kershaw is hoping that releasing the study now will help it to become an election issue.

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