On the couch with Carla Bruni: How to cope with having a baby in your 40s

20th Oct

Some valid tips from Carla Bruni – French priminister wife about having a baby in your 40s and older mothers


On the couch with Carla Bruni: How to cope with having a baby in your 40s


  • Physically, having a baby at this point in your life is quite challenging. It’s often been said that the best time for a woman to be pregnant is when she’s between 19 and 25. In their 20s, women are physically best able to meet the demands of the baby and to cope with the increasing weight they have to carry.
  • Psychologically, on the other hand, the best time to have a baby is reckoned to be when a woman is in her late 30s or older.
  • Most women will tell you that the most difficult period in pregnancy is the last three months.
  • This will be particularly true for those in their 40s, because no matter how well we look after ourselves, the fact is we all tire more easily as we get older. You’ve readily admitted this.
  •  The most important factor is that you’ve no doubt satisfied at least some of your own ambitions.
  •  That means you’ll be a calmer and more patient mother, better able to give your full attention to your child when it needs it rather than always keeping half a mind on your own interests elsewhere.
  • Children — even very young ones — can sense whether their carer is fully ‘there’ for them or not, and the more often she is, the greater the likelihood that they’ll grow up feeling self-confident.
  •  The more experienced a parent is, the easier it is for her to know when to step in and help her child.
  •  The problem for many youngest children is that, because everyone around them is more capable than they are and enjoys helping them, it becomes easier for them to rely on others than to put in effort themselves



Baby on board: Carla admitted she found the latter stages of her pregnancy difficult

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