The MALE biological clock: After 41 your chances of becoming a father ‘declines rapidly’

20th Oct


Don't wait too long: Male fertility declines with age, researchers have warned (picture posed by model)

An article in relation to fathers and how men have a biological clock as well. Which by 41 rapidly decreases the chance of having children especially fit and healthy ones as the older you are the more problems a child can developed from the males sperm.
The MALE biological clock: After 41 your chances of becoming a father ‘declines rapidly’

It is not just women that have to worry about their biological clock


  • Male fertility declines with age – with even a year making a difference
  • They say that after the age of 41, a man’s odds of fathering a child decline rapidly.
  • fertility declining by up to seven per cent with each extra year on a man’s age between 41 and 45. After that, it declined even more rapidly.
  • average age of those in which the IVF was unsuccessful was 45. The chances of pregnancy fell from 60 per cent at the age of 41 to just 35 per cent for the 45-year-olds.
  • Men have a biological clock too. It is not the same as for women but they can’ t wait forever to have children.
  •  Other studies have found that children of older fathers also run an increased risk of heart defects, autism, schizophrenia and epilepsy, and are almost twice as likely to die before adulthood.
  • While men constantly make fresh sperm, the ‘machinery’ that makes it can slow down and become defective over time
  •  men who want to stay in good reproductive shape to eat healthily, not smoke, drink only in moderation, keep active and avoid hot baths, as sperm likes cool temperatures.
  • There are a lot of advantages to being a young father. First and foremost, you’ve got energy.
  • But being an older father also confers certain advantages – stability, wisdom, maybe a bit of financial security but you don’t have the energy.


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