£6,000-a-term St Paul’s offers parenting classes

24th Oct

£6,000-a-term St Paul’s offers parenting classes


  • One of the country’s top girls’ private schools is offering coaching lessons to high-flying parents who are struggling to juggle their careers with the demands of modern parenting.
  • Clarissa Farr, the head of St Paul’s Girls’ School in Hammersmith, west London, is giving seminars to parents that cover a range of issues from how to deal with their offspring’s exam stress to setting boundaries for harmonious family life. The courses also cover how teenagers can stay safe in London and how to manage the London teenage party scene as a parent.
  •  Research over the summer found that almost half of all parents have less than five hours to bond with their children each week.
  • The courses at St Paul’s cover even the most basic aspects of modern parenting


“It is offering active guidance for parents who are quite keen to get the school’s view on even quite basic things like how much pocket money or what time bedtime should be.  Some busy parents give their children everything except the boundaries they need to find their secure place within the family and at school. Many parents’ dairies are so busy that they struggle to attend school events such as concerts and plays. To counter this, St Paul’s is considering giving parents two year’s advance notice of school events.”

Ms Farr



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