Technology in the classroom? There’s an app for that – but how to pay for it?

24th Oct

How traditional methods of teaching and pen to paper are starting to be a thing of the past with some schools now using computer and ipads as forms of books. However with this they are seeing a huge financial strain on the schools due to this technology being very expensive. But we are living in the 21st century where technology is now a necessity


Technology in the classroom? There’s an app for that – but how to pay for it?

  • Textbooks are iPads. And as for lessons on number lines and inequalities, there’s an app for that
  •  In Jill MacDonald’s math classes at Hobart Middle School, students take diagnostic tests on iPads before each chapter and receive instant feedback. If a student needs extra help, the program offers remedial exercises.
  • Funding the programs can be a struggle for schools districts. Federal funding for school technology was drastically cut, and on the state level, the Education Department gives out competitive grants.

“As the state moves toward more online curriculum and more online textbooks, it’s important we at the district identify that and make sure students have fair access to education,”

Valparaiso’s Director of Technology Bill Moran


  • A transition to portable devices is natural, given the state is driving schools to administer standardized tests online

“Technology is definitely taking over public schools, and the economic crisis that the whole country is in is demanding more efficiencies and thankfully we have technology where we can do that and still provide a quality service.”

Kevin Teasley

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