5 Common Mistakes Parents Make

25th Oct

Some knowledge on very common and easy mistakes to avoid in the parenting world, such as not letting kids sleep sitting for too long, don’t heat milk in the microwave and let babies lie on their stomachs etc.


5 Common Mistakes Parents Make


  • 5 “no no’s” that new parents tend to make that if avoided will help keep baby safe.
    • Many new parents tend to try to move their child up to the next size of things before it is time.  Parents should be cautious when moving up to the next size when it comes to car seats.
    • It is strongly recommended that all children stay in rear-facing seats until they are a minimum of 1-year-old and weighs 20 lbs
    • Letting their baby sleep in a swing. While swings may be very effective for getting babies to fall asleep they are not good  for babies to sleep in, letting babies sleep in a sitting position for too long may make it hard for a baby to get enough oxygen and increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
    • The same goes for car seats. Taking the car seat out of the car and letting a sleeping baby continue sleeping in it is not safe and may increase the risk of SIDS. Parents are urged to take their children out of their car seats and place them in a crib upon arriving home or to their destination.
    • Letting babies watch “educational” videos is another area where parents make common mistakes. children under the age of 2 cannot understand the content or context of videos and therefore cannot learn from them. Parents are urged to keep young children as screen free as possible, but with over 90% of parents admitting their children under the age of 2 watch some form of electronic media, it seems much easier said than done.
    • Many often try to keep babies off of their stomachs. While it is certainly true that babies belong on their backs to go to sleep, it is important to allow babies to spend time on their stomachs while they are awake in order for them to develop the upper body strength that will allow them push themselves up and crawl.
    • microwaving of baby bottles. At one time heating bottles in this fashion was the norm, but in recent years we have learned that a substance known as Bisphenol-A or BPA can leach out from bottles when heated making the microwave a less than desirable method forheating baby bottles. Bottles warmed in the microwave have also been known to cause burns to a baby’s mouth due to hot spots in the milk. To avoid these dangers, parents can either warm a bottle by placing it in warm water or using a commercial bottle warmer, which can be purchased at most baby stores.


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