When is an older mother TOO old? Meet the women becoming first-time parents in their fifties

29th Oct

An article in relation to women being older having children and couples having a family older. There are a lot of medical disadvantages to older mothers – however a lot of environmental benefits such as more money, do not have to work as much – so more time at home etc. 


When is an older mother TOO old? Meet the women becoming first-time parents in their fifties


  • It may seem a concept that defies nature, but with the help of fertility specialists, rising numbers of women are giving birth to their firstborns at an age when many of their peers are anticipating, or enjoying, grandparenthood.
  • But the fact that first time mothers are getting older is an undeniable truth. Over the past ten years, the number of women over 45 giving birth has more than doubled in the U.S.
  •  375 per cent increase in the same period for births among women over 50.
  • ‘Renewed purpose’: John Travolta’s wife Kelly Preston gave birth to son Benjamin last year at the age of 48 The rising figure is mostly thanks to improved technology and medicine.
  • Egg-freezing, for example, allows women to delay motherhood like never before. And, obstetricians argue, many women in their fifties today are as fit and healthy as women ten or 15 years younger.
  • Studies have shown that those who have put off having children in favour of a career are likely to be wealthier and better-educated than their peers, therefore in better physical health
  •  ‘They’re very young 50-year-olds,’ Dr Paulson revealed.
  • Angel La Liberte, who runs a California-based website for older mothers told the magazine: ‘We are under unreasonable pressure.We are expected to manage a household. We are expected to provide an income, and we’re supposed to have children within a certain age limit.’
  •  Mothers over the age of 35 are 20 per cent more likely to give birth prematurely, which brings with it higher incidences of lung, digestive and neurological problems in the infant.
  • A mother-to-be in her forties is at higher risk of preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and high blood pressure, and giving birth to a child with autism


Fiona Palin, 49, with daughter Kiki, 5 months, at their home in Marina del Rey California
fml-Oct3-11Over50.jpg new york magazine october 2011 Please see attached and just make sure it is shown with all four corners.

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