Childbirth as Performance Art

30th Oct

An article about an artist who is using the both of her first child as a spectators event – where only 15 people including her husband and midwife can watch the birth of the baby!!! WIERD!!!


Childbirth as Performance Art


  • Brooklyn art galleries this week: Marni Kotak giving birth at the Microscope Gallery in Brooklyn.
  • A performance artist who focuses on everyday events, will be “performing” the birth of her first child whenever he or she chooses to
  • But her goal is to deliver in the home-birth center that she and her husband have created inside the small Brooklyn gallery.
  • The exhibition, “The Birth of Baby X,” raises more than a few interesting questions. Should birth be an exhibition? Who will go to see it? Will anyone take their kids?
  • Her work seems to fall into the category of feminist performance art, meant to confront taboos, challenge social norms and deconstruct gender roles.


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