Research Questions and Problems with the Project

Problems with Project

1. Is it all theoretical, not 100% reliable as we can’t interview our age group as to what they will be like as parents in the future as the responses now we be more of an idealistic view.

2. It will be very trend led and report views

3. How do i relate it to fashion and the communication and promotion attitude?

4. very consumer led but that demographic is very fical

Research Questions

1. How will the next generation of parents differ from current ones?

2. What surrounding enviroments will effect new parents spending habits?

3. What future trends many have an effect on the next generation of parents?

4. What cultural or enviromental issues will effect the next generation of children?

5. What do current parents and the next generation of parents want out of childcare?


Projectional behaviour – all degrees of behaviour – quite often a reverse of previous behaviours and reverse of parents = if your parents our strict uou wil be indulgent and vice versa

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