Hygiene ‘most important part of parenting’

1st Nov

How society views have changed and topped hygiene as one of the top priorities of parenting over religion and good manners. Nowadays many parents are actually over sensitive and too hygienic that many children are actually becoming more ill due to not allowing children to build up their immune system


Hygiene ‘most important part of parenting’

  • In a major survey, 77 percent of women said keeping their child clean was the most important part of raising them.
  • Cleanliness used to be next to godliness – now it’s way above
  • Mothers say personal hygiene is by far the most important thing in their children’s upbringing, much more than religion or faith.
  • Cleanliness topped the poll for both genders, with 69 percent of fathers saying hygiene was the most crucial aspect of parenting.
  • Of the 7,000 parents surveyed, 65.5 percent put good manners as the most important part of upbringing, followed by exercise and a healthy diet on 54.5 percent, forming social relationships on 45 percent and finally traditions on 21 percent.
  • Religion languished bottom, with 15 percent of fathers saying it was the most important aspect, compared with 18 percent of mothers
  •  around a quarter worried being unhygienic would affect their children’s ability to make friends. It appears women practice what they preach to their children when it comes to cleanliness.
  • The survey found women would rather leave the house without make-up (32 percent) than not having cleaned their teeth (93 percent)



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