A Glimpse of the Next Generation of Social Media Entrepreneurs (GOOD)

 3rd Nov

The changing times for the next generation and the schooling system in regards to social media, teach children to think differently – more entrepreneurial. Getting children to have a deeper understanding how companies can target consumers etc. A very interesting read.


A Glimpse of the Next Generation of Social Media Entrepreneurs (GOOD)


  • One of my children attends a private school that is offering a new class called “The Evolution of Society.’
  • ·         The idea was to create a class that would give students the tools to understand the current baseline for technology and where technology could take society in the next 30 years. As the instructor pointed out, when we were growing up
  • Among the topics covered in this class of ninth through twelfth graders:
    • The freemium economy. You can get a lot for free these days, To kids, free is just part of life. They still need to understand the hidden costs, like advertising or the inevitable upsell. understand how that content is shaped and what influences the messages it conveys. Why do companies give you these free services? What’s the business model? When and where does it begin to cost you?
    • The history of open source and how open source techniques are being used.
    • The new currency of the web: attention and reputation.
    • Social media tools. students were required to open a Twitter account and tweet daily as part of their homework.  social networks like Facebook and Twitter, how they are changing, and how they are used by business.


  • That you start designing solutions by gaining a deep understanding of your customers and their goals and needs. That’s a lesson that many of today’s marketers are still struggling to learn.
  • How to conduct user research and develop personas: the basics of user-centered design taught in college programs.
  • How companies target customers, how they gather information about people via their actions online, and how they shape and distribute their messages to reach those customers.
  • If you could design a class for young entrepreneurs, this would be it. These kids are going to walk into college understanding how businesses design and market products



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