Call for more childcare support for parents in the capital

6th Nov

An article in regards to child care and what parents really need, a loan scheme to enable them to afford good quality child care as well as a child carers, minding system that enables their children to be looked after in the Childs own house from the hours of 6am – 11pm to match up with parents busy lives.


Call for more childcare support for parents in the capital

  • Parents in London would benefit from local networks of out-of-hours childcare providers and a loan scheme to cover the upfront cost of provision
  • VidhyaAlakeson, research and strategy director at think-tank Resolution Foundation, said a loan schemes that would allow parents to cover fees paid in advance to secure a nursery or childminder place could help make childcare more affordable for families.
  • Daycare Trust chief executive Anand Shukla added that a scheme that matches parents with registered childminders and nursery staff willing to look after children between 6am and 11pm, usually in the child’s own home, should be replicated across the capital.


London families face a difficult situation when trying to find quality childcare that they can afford and meets their needs, especially those who work outside normal office hours. For families with more than one child, childcares can also be particularly challenging and difficult to organise. We need to look at all options to see if the situation can be improved because, for parents, finding quality childcare at the right cost is key to being able to return to work if they wish to do so.”

Victoria Borwick, chair of the London Assembly committee

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