New Nursery School Offers “Drop & Dine”

6th Nov

A nursery that is expressing my idea of a drop and shop scenario that allows parents to have time to do the menial tasks like grocery shopping without having their kids there for a few hours. Allows parents to get things done quickly and easily. Shows the changing times

New Nursery School Offers “Drop & Dine”

  • The Ladybug Playhouse Nursery School – a new business in Glen Cove
  • “Drop & Shop” and “Drop & Dine,” which are two unique programs offered by the school, begin this month.
  • After registering for the Drop & Shop program, parents can drop off their children ages 2-8 every Friday for up to three hours to run errands, grocery shop, etc.
  • Drop & Dine is also held twice a month on Friday, starting at 6 p.m.
  • The Ladybug Playhouse class curriculum includes math, science, technology, literacy, art/gym, music and dramatic play. Children ages 2-5 have the opportunity to work in group settings, as well as independently.
  • There is also a smart board and touch screen computers, giving young students a chance to experience the world of technology.

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