The bestselling book The Slap highlights the faultlines of modern parenting

6th Nov

This book is all about the faultiness of modern parenting and the difference between Gen Y and Gen X and how we are now turning into a nanny state which sees are children as the centre of attention, they can do no wrong – which makes them turn into spoilt, egotistic brats – who think they always get their own way.


The bestselling book The Slap highlights the faultiness of modern parenting


  • The subtitle of the book is “Whose side are you on?” The answer marks you more profoundly than any ideological or political stance could.
  • The divide is between the perverse permissiveness of a Rosie and the fading art of discipline and boundary setting which has shaped society.
  •  Generation Y, they are shaping up to be a worry, feared as a spoiled, narcissistic, egocentric, empathy-deficient generation.
  • They are the first genuine digital natives, born with a smart phone in their hand. For these “children of the web”, effortless internet access is like the air they breathe. Inhaling information, and engaged in advanced decision making online almost before they can talk, they are tipped to be the smartest generation to date. But there is a dark side to their cerebral sophistication.
  • Most worrying is the lost ability to read facial expressions, a prerequisite for empathy.
  • American historians William Strauss and Neil Howe, argue that generations occur in cycles of four, Prophet (baby boomers) Nomad (Generation X) Hero (Gen Y) and Artist (Gen Z, aka the New Silent Generation). The Silent Generation last popped up between 1925 and 1942, the most turbulent period of the 20th century.
  • Likewise Generation Z is growing up in a world of economic crises, war and upheaval in the Middle East, and doomsday climate alarmism
  • They either weren’t born or were too young to remember the terrorism of 2001, but it was the defining event of their age, and has made their parents fearful and protective.
  • The New York Times now claims that overzealous “helicopter parenting” is on its way out.
  • Having suffered the effects of divorce and lax parenting, institutional childcare and harried mothers trying to have it all, Gen X was determined not to do the same to their own children.


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