Youth of today are not serious about life- Sena Dansua

6th Nov

Tourism Minster rants in regards to youth today and how they have everything go for them yet they do nothing about it. She argues that they are not serious about life and that parent don’t have time for their children so let them run wild and just give them things to occupy them and give them materialistic love instead of real attention and love.


Tourism Minister Akua Sena Dansua has descended heavily on the youth describing them as not serious.


  • “The youth of today are not serious about life
  • interested in things that are not of any benefit to them
  • They spend more time on entertainment, on using the internet for frivolous things, instead of using the internet to do research and to know what is happening in the world so that they can program themselves and prepare themselves for the future,” she said on the floor of Parliament on Friday.
  • discussion on the rise in youth addiction and pornography
  • today’s youth have everything going for them,’ she posited
  • some parents for being irresponsible


“Majority of parents of today don’t have time for their children. They think that providing the best at home; the kids having cars to run around having the best of everything at home, food, drinks and everything is just enough. They leave home early in the morning, some of them don’t even see their children before they go to school; the children sleep before they return from work and they don’t have time to monitor them,”

Akua Sena Dansua

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