Free nursery places for 140,000 disadvantaged toddlers

28th Nov

A new bill to be passed which will see 140,000 free nursery places for the most disadvantaged toddlers. Due to the increase in childcare this bill is a brilliant idea.


Free nursery places for 140,000 disadvantaged toddlers


  • 140,000 disadvantaged two-year-olds could have free nursery or childcare places under a scheme planned to be rolled out in England.
  • Plans to give 15 hours of free “early education” a week to all two-year-olds from poor homes were announced last year but details have now been set out.
  • At the moment, all three and four-year-olds are currently entitled to 15 hours of early education for 38 weeks a year.
  •  Ministers say access to early education improves the life chances of poor children by helping them develop and get ready for school.
  • Under the pilot, 20,000 two-year-olds received the free provision in a year.


“I want us to give every child the best possible start – so free education for toddlers from the most disadvantaged homes will now be a right and not a privilege. Crucially the extra care will be flexible and easy to access. Parents across the country are bending over backwards to balance work and home. The coalition wants to help in whatever way we can.”

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg


 “High quality early education is the key to making a difference early on in a child’s life. It’s crucial for their healthy development and means they’re not falling behind before they have even started primary school.”


Head of policy, Chris Wellings, said: “But we are concerned that the government is also cutting money for early years. Early years and youth services will be cut by 20% in this Parliament. We need investment in this area if the government is going to deliver on its promises on social mobility.”


  • More than 20,000 would be eligible in London and a similar number in the north-west of England.
  • Nearly 17,000 in the West Midlands would qualify and a similar number in the South East.
  •  In Yorkshire and the Humber the figure is nearly 15,000 and in the North East it is nearly 8,000.

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