Reading with child ‘highlight of the day for parents’

28th Nov

Reading with child ‘highlight of the day for parents’


  • Parents in England and Northern Ireland are spending more time reading to their children for pleasure
  • parents spent an average of one hour and 26 minutes a week reading with their children in 2011, up from one hour 18 minutes in 2009.
  •  (71%) reading with their child is one of the highlights of their day.
  • More than a third (36%) of the 1,011 survey participants said they were too tired to spend longer reading.


Childhood memory

  • 60% of parents and carers of children aged four to six read daily with their child for fun, getting through an average of 46 books per child per year.
  • 51% read daily for school or educational purposes.
  • parents valued being read to when they were a child, with 64% saying this was a treasured childhood memory.
  • 23% of today’s parents said they were read to on a daily basis as a child, compared to the 60% who say they now read for pleasure with their child every day.
  • 98% of teachers questioned said they are either very or quite concerned that reading for pleasure does not take place often enough in some homes.
  • This year the scheme will see 1.38 million free books given to reception-age children in England.


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