Parenting healthy eating habits

30th Nov

An article in regards to healthy eating and how if introduced to kids at a young age they will be more likely to continue to eating healthier. Children should also be taught how to cook, lay a table and appropriate table habits for social grace.

Parenting healthy eating habits

  • Parenting has life-altering effects on the children.
  • foods we used to eat, those provided by our parents and others we would prepare ourselves – many times without permission.
  • Reminisce about school lunches, special-occasion meals and having a feast from fruit trees in season, as we grew up in the countryside.
  • Pass on healthy habits Introduce children to a variety from all food groups.
  •  Have them appreciate all foods, especially whole foods, by preparing them in tasty ways as part of their meals.
  • Teach them how to use economical foods, such as foods in season, to make mouth-watering healthy dishes such as soups, stews, one-pot rice, and ground-provision dishes.
  • Encourage family time, have children take part in food shopping, preparation and service.
  •  Have family meals together as often as possible.
  • Teach children to share, share meals with shut-ins, neighbours and other children who have less. Teach social graces; we are in an era of fast food.
  •  Most children eat very often from boxes, paper bags and drink from bottles and boxes.
  • Teach your children how to serve – serve their siblings and parents. Teach the boys to serve the girls and the girls to serve their brothers.
  •  Teach them the value of preparing a meal and serving someone without expecting it to be reciprocated.
  • Parenting is a huge responsibility, pass on the values you can benefit from in your golden years, and that will also enrich the next generation.

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