Parenting survey show strengths and weaknesses

7th Dec

A survey about how parents could be strengthened and what parents are potentially are doing wrong or could do better at.


Parenting survey show strengths and weaknesses

Southland parents are generally happy with the job they do but with extra information and support it could be even better, according to the Our Way Southland regional survey on parenting.

The report, Parenting in Southland, contains the results of a survey of 753 parents and caregivers across Southland, representative of the regional parenting community.

Community Outcomes Regional Co-ordinator Aaron Fox said the purpose of the survey work was to capture a snapshot of parenting viewpoints from around the region, and identify how parents felt they could be better.

By-in-large parents were positive about raising children in Southland – particularly because of the community and the people living in it.

A number of parents suggested there was room for improvement, and responding to these needs could require a concerted response within the community and between different agencies, he said.

The community needs to recognise and support parents in all their roles in our communities – they are, after all, our neighbours, customers, employees and ratepayers.”

Dr Fox said the next step in formulating the strategy would be a series of focus groups with children, young adults and parents which will be held from February. These groups will be asked to consider in more depth how parenting can be strengthened.


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