Obesity crisis in schools

15th Dec

An article in regards to the increasing obesity in England, with more then one in three children being too fat by age 11.


Obesity crisis in schools: How one child in three is too fat by the age of 11

  • NHS data reveals 19 per cent of Year 6 children obese
  • London has highest proportion of obese children
  • Obesity more common in towns and cities than rural areas
  • One child in three is overweight when they leave primary school at the age of 11
  • Almost a fifth are classed as obese, meaning they are so fat they risk knocking years off their lives.
  •  Experts warn that many of these youngsters will stay fat for the rest of their lives, putting them at greater risk of heart disease, diabetes and other serious illnesses.
  • 33.4 per cent of children in Year 6, the final year of primary school, are overweight or obese.

The fattest... and thinnest




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