Group to support new mothers

  • “Families are more isolated now from their extended families. Therefore, women have less emotional and social support, and they behave in the realm of normal and yell at their kids or feel overwhelmed or have days when they don’t enjoy being a mother. They feel there is something wrong with them when it’s actually a normal experience.”
  • “In our society, there is a lot of shame in admitting that we’re struggling and some women fear that they will be judged unfit as a parent,” she said. “I think we need to demystify what it means to be a mother and what it means to be a good mother vs. a perfect mother,”
  • “One major aspect of becoming a parent is realizing all our relationships are defined differently whether it’s our friendships, our partners, our extended families,” Dosher said. “It’s important for women to derive meaning in their life, because it’s not just about being a mother. It means having other components, and they need to explore who they want to be.”


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