2011: Stories That Changed the Way We Parent Now

Stories that have been popular in 2011 in regards to parents such as the gender-neutral Parenting and the digital classroom – which are both, reacting to the changing trends in society.

  •  Parenting-related topics led Facebook’s most shared list
  • Gender-Neutral Parenting  From the parents in Toronto who are raising their child, Storm, withour revealing teh baby’s sex to the proliferation of parents accepting their boys desire for tutus and their grils fro a mohawk gender-neutral, gender-free and gender choice dominated many conversations about parenting this year.
  • The Digital Classroom: All year, Times reporters have been grading teh digital school with articles looking at the value of technology in the classroom. At best, results have been mixed. For every creative and laudable use of software or gadgets, there’s research reflecting limited success. We asked if a tablet computer for babies was really the worst toy of 2011, and in nearly the same breath considered apps for autistic children, educations apps for 3 year olds and apps for travelling. We’re unsure about how we should, as a society, bring technology into the lives of all children. I wrote here  in November that “digital schooling” seems to mean two different things for two different classes of student. I suspect the benefits are falling across the usual divide: “virtual schools that supplement active students and families learning at home, and virtual schools that substitute for active students learning with teachers in schools.” Many of you agreed. When we see schools, whether or not our children are enrolled in them, investing limited resources on unproven tools, we worry. There’s no doubt we’ll be talking about technology and education into 2012 and beyond.




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