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Draper’s articles showing some facts and figures in regards to Kidswear – ranging from 0-12 years old


Currency News: Today’s Fundamental Analysis of Market Trends and Currencies (Nov. 2)

PEERING through markets via theoretical reasoning, we can establish our own assessment with regards the stability or feebleness of the health of the economy, based on a series of information disseminated almost daily online.

Nevertheless, a basic study alone is not enough to meet targets in appointing categorical price ranges to specific developments. In this regard, we need technical research to aid us in dissecting via visual proof how the present trading landscape affects major currencies that are under consideration.

The following should give us a glimpse on fundamental views on how current market trends affect consumers and the society in general.


USD/AUD Volatility

The US and the Australian dollar have slipped into a rather shaky range of prices. On its lofty side, the downtrend resistance boundary has taken the form of a neck-line in a “head-and-shoulder” pattern which is significantly a “triple-top” where the middle-top stands taller that the first and third.

Head-and-shoulders shapes are usually known to “cave-in” in the opposite route as the head, which stands at the highest part of the chart. Considering this reasoning, a resistance can be expected to occur, between the 1.06 to 1.07 range.

Acknowledging the USD/AUD from a basic standpoint, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has recently slashed its benchmark-interest rate to 4.5 percent from 4.75 percent while share markets around the globe continue to deteriorate, and foreign exchange capital in the market will go on seeking for safe havens in the low-yielding currencies, such as the US greenback.


Huge output among G8

This trend offers a healthy dose of optimism for forex traders who are bracing for lower-prices on the USD/AUD pair. Alternatively, if share markets veer on the upside, the Aussie dollar would create an apparent option for buyers as the currency still dangles the biggest output among the Group of 8 currencies.

Moreover, the Fed in the United States has reiterated their intent to let rates close to record-lows until middle of 2013 which may avert further any significant rally in the US dollar. Simply put, an anticipation of a consequent break in the two currencies can be a prelude to a long-term forecast for the Group of 8 economies.

As massive worries gripped markets during the past several years, capital went on searching for a safe area in lower-producing currencies like the Japanese yen, US dollar, and the CHF. The CHF’s rise in value was pushed by the steep increase in gold, which savored a huge moment of stability due to the sluggishness of the US dollar.

The CHF’s regained strength inevitably started to bother exporters in Switzerland, which then affected the country’s economy. The Swiss National Bank (SNB) entered the market in a very determined fashion and bought a bunch of other currencies and selling the CHF in hopes of averting the seemingly non-stop rise.


Research Questions and Problems with the Project

Problems with Project

1. Is it all theoretical, not 100% reliable as we can’t interview our age group as to what they will be like as parents in the future as the responses now we be more of an idealistic view.

2. It will be very trend led and report views

3. How do i relate it to fashion and the communication and promotion attitude?

4. very consumer led but that demographic is very fical

Research Questions

1. How will the next generation of parents differ from current ones?

2. What surrounding enviroments will effect new parents spending habits?

3. What future trends many have an effect on the next generation of parents?

4. What cultural or enviromental issues will effect the next generation of children?

5. What do current parents and the next generation of parents want out of childcare?


Projectional behaviour – all degrees of behaviour – quite often a reverse of previous behaviours and reverse of parents = if your parents our strict uou wil be indulgent and vice versa

Two young brothers, 5 and 7, died in blaze ‘after learning how to light an aerosol by watching an Xbox game’

  • Fire ripped through makeshift camp under the stairs
  • Sheets and duvets used to make den were ablaze and blocked their escape
  • Lighters and air freshener aerosol found in camp

Last updated at 5:14 PM on 18th October 2011

Two young brothers who died after fire ripped through their den under the stairs may have learned how to light an aerosol can from watching an X-Box game, an inquest heard.

Firefighters found the bodies of Lewis Jenkins, seven, and his brother Taylor, five, huddled in the alcove in the hallway of their end-of-terrace house in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

They had not been able to escape because the sheets and duvet covers they had used to build their den were ablaze and blocking the narrow exit.

Tragic: Lewis Jenkins with his younger brother Taylor before they were both killed when a fire ripped through their houseTragic: Lewis Jenkins with his younger brother Taylor who were both killed when a fire trapped them in their den under the stairs

Their mother, Denise Goldsmith, 31, had run screaming into the street semi-dressed, begging for help, after hearing her sons shout and seeing flames leaping from their makeshift camp.

Neighbours tried desperately to reach the boys after climbing through an open window but were beaten back by the heat.

Results from a post-mortem examination showed the boys died of smoke inhalation in the fire on the afternoon of October 4, 2008.

A red lighter, several tea light candles and an air freshener aerosol were all found in the camp by investigators.

'Struggling to cope': The boys' mother Denise Goldsmith

‘Struggling to cope’: The boys’ mother Denise Goldsmith

Both boys, but particularly Taylor, were so fascinated by fire that Miss Goldsmith usually hid her lighters on top of the kitchen cupboards, the inquest heard.

Family friend Nicky Edgar said another boy had taught them how to light an aerosol and they had seen it done on a Xbox game.

Her daughter had seen Taylor trying to light a crisp two days earlier, the inquest at Eastbourne Magistrates Court heard yesterday.

Miss Goldsmith, whose ex-partner Stewart Jenkins was in prison at the time, had drunk up to a bottle of vodka with friends the previous night and was still over the drink drive limit when the fire started the next afternoon, the inquest heard.

She was initially arrested on suspicion of manslaughter and neglect but all charges were later dropped. She had allowed the unruly boys to stay up past 1am making their camp while she drank with friends in the kitchen the night before the fire.

Her best friend Vicky Quicke told the hearing she arrived at Miss Goldsmith’s house at 7.30pm on October 3 with a litre of vodka.

She said the two of them had drunk it by the time Ms Edgar arrived with her 11-year-old son at 9.15pm, so she went to buy a 750ml bottle of vodka.

House of horror: The home of Taylor and Lewis Jenkins where the two brothers diedHouse of horror: The home of Taylor and Lewis Jenkins where the two brothers died

The mother-of-one said: ‘We were having a few drinks and the kids were playing in the living room on the X-Box.

‘We drank the litre because we ended up going back down the shop and buying more.’ She said the brothers and Ms Edgar’s son started making a camp before she went home at midnight, leaving the other two mothers drinking in the kitchen.

Miss Quicke admitted that her friend had found it increasingly difficult to cope with the boys’ behaviour after their father was jailed.

She said: ‘After Stewart went to prison she hit rock bottom and started drinking a lot more. She couldn’t handle the boys so she turned to drink.

‘They had Denise wrapped round their little finger. They would do whatever they wanted until they got what they wanted. They had no routine. They went to bed when and where they wanted. ‘They were up into the early hours even when they had school the next day. She couldn’t cope with them.’

Ms Edgar, who lives close to the scene of the fire, said her son and the two Jenkins boys had been ‘really excited’ about building the camp using a metal clothes airer, sheets and duvets and sealing all gaps with a towel to make it pitch black.

She said they could only get in and out by squeezing through two banisters so no adult could get in. She said the brothers were still up and playing in the den when she took her son home at between 1.30am and 2.30am, and that she left Miss Goldmsith chatting to a young man she did not know.

She said that Miss Goldsmith showed up at her house at 5.30am in her dressing gown asking for Rizla. She said: ‘I asked where were the boys. She
said there was someone with them.’ Miss Goldsmith told police she had stopped drinking at 1.30am.

Toxicologist Ian Humphreys said that she was still one and a half times the legal drink drive limit at 4.50pm when blood samples were taken at Eastbourne District General Hospital after the fire, anough to make her intoxicated but not drunk.

He said that meant she must have kept drinking after 1.30am – or consumed potentially fatal amounts of alcohol before that time.

Ms Goldsmith, who is facing eviction from the property, sat  alongside relatives today occasionally weeping as she heard evidence of the final moments of her boys’ lives. The hearing continues.